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Interacting With Every Fan May Not Make A Difference

Look at every “music promotion” and “how to gain a following” article written and they’ll all include the following advice: “interact with every fan every time“. Well it may not make a difference. Surprisingly, it may serve to make you look less professional and less established than the artists and musicians you’re trying to aspire to.

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How Many Of Your Initial “Fans” Are Regular Music Fans?

Look at the typical person who follows or interacts with new music artists and groups; they’re the same kinds of people also creating “music” (I use that word lightly). All desperate for exposure, especially in the electronica community. The entire point of “respond to every fan!!” is just that; responding to fans. But the majority of Continue reading Interacting With Every Fan May Not Make A Difference

The Unoffical Rules Regarding Remix Naming

There’s a few unspoken rules that have developed on how to name remixes. Let’s start with Nice and Soft and Smooth as an example.

I feel it’s important to give remixes interesting, catchy names when you’re doing the remixing yourself. Normally, remixing takes on the name of the person doing it. So if this song was remixed by Daft Punk, it’d be called “Mixer Jaëxx – Nice and Soft and Smooth (Daft Punk Remix)“. You don’t need, or want, to name the remix individually since the title’s already long enough with the remixer taking credits.

Now, if Daft Punk did Continue reading The Unoffical Rules Regarding Remix Naming