Bradenton Ambient

Bradenton Ambient is an ambient album featuring organic, outdoor field recordings morphed into rhythmic melodies against lush, evolving pads and deep, soundscape-propelling bass. The organic field recordings used in every song have all been recorded in Bradenton, Florida in the areas the songs are based at. The field recordings have been turned into pieces of music. Each song is about an area of Bradenton based on what inspires the musical elements of the song.

1. Bayshore Gardens

Bayshore Gardens is the first ambient song I created for the album. Bayshore Gardens started out as a test to see if I could create ambient music that was unique but a repeatable process. Creating Bayshore Gardens proved I could create the kind of ambient music I envisioned in Continue reading →

2. Causeway

The audio of people talking is a field recording I did in the day of people at the beach. I’m using a new virtual music studio hardware device called the Proton Particle Accelerator by Selig Audio. The device takes audio and turns them into Continue reading →

3. De Soto

One of the most interesting elements of the song are the birds. I went into the De Soto park, walked into some of the trails and recorded the sounds of birds in the area. In order to create a rhythmic, melodic sound for the birds, I setup two PEQ-2 equalizers, a Synchronous, a microMix 6 channel Continue reading →

4. GT Bray

I recorded the bike sounds in GT Bray because I used to ride there a lot growing up. I recorded myself riding one of G.T. Bray’s asphalt trails. Another recording was of me sliding to a stop in loose gravel. And a third was of the bike upside down being Continue reading →

5. Oneco

The vibe of the song comes from the fact one of the reasons I’m in Oneco (as opposed to just passing through it) is when I’m getting one of my cars worked on. That’s where the steel sound comes from in the song. I did a field recording of a mechanic as he hammered metal on an engine. I used that sound in combination with Continue reading →

6. Palma Sola

I wanted this song to give that feeling of driving on this road. It’s not always about driving fast, sometimes (especially in the day time) it’s just about cruising on the road. It’s so quiet and peaceful, most times the only sound you’ll hear other than your own car is the sound of cars driving by in the Continue reading →

7. Riverwalk

I did field recordings of people talking and walking along the Riverwalk. The voices of people are really hard to hear on purpose; I wanted to create an almost schizophrenic experience. I think I achieved this based on some research of what people with Continue reading →

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