GT Bray


Production: Mixer Jaëxx
Album: Bradenton Ambient

Mastering: Mixer Jaëxx
Copyright: Mixer Jaëxx, U.S. Copyright Office, 2017


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G.T. Bray is a park in Bradenton, Florida. There doesn’t seem to be much history to G.T. Bray. In doing some research, I couldn’t even find out who or what “G.T. Bray” was named after. But the G.T. Bray park has large fields for soccer, pools for swimming and long paths for running or riding bikes including an artificial mountainous trail for mountain biking (rare for flat-landed Tampa Bay).

The song GT Bray relies heavily on the virtual hardware device Proton Particle Accelerator. About 90% of GT Bray is made up of field recordings and using multiple Proton Particle Accelerators really helped to create an evolving soundscape.

A large portion of the sounds were created by recording myself riding the same bike I had when I was a teenager; a green and chrome Specialized Hardrock GS.

I recorded the bike sounds in GT Bray because I used to ride there a lot growing up. I recorded myself riding one of G.T. Bray’s asphalt trails. Another recording was of me sliding to a stop in loose gravel. And a third was of the bike upside down being pedaled by hand.

The very first sound in GT Bray is the wind chimes. I recorded these wind chimes at a local hardware store called Crowder Brothers (officially “Ace Hardware Crowder Brothers”). Crowder Brothers is right near G.T. Bray park on Manatee Avenue. They have a gift shop you have to walk by to get into the main entrance and they always have wind chimes outside for sale, making beautiful noise.

The last noteworthy thing about the song is there are little clicks, bloops and other sounds in the song. Those come from the most unexpected source; the bass. The bass is a single, simple “four on the floor” hit on my Kong virtual drum machine. The bass has a parallel channel on it with “The Echo” virtual analog tape delay to delay the bass on a separate channel. I’m using the mighty Synchronous via a bus channel of both bass channels. The Synchronous then is using a combination of distortion, filtering and delays to create the odd little sounds you hear. Groovy.

I think, of all Bradenton Ambient songs, GT Bray was the funnest to create.

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