Hey, I’m Jaëxx, I’m an American recording artist and producer…

 “Florida-based electronic artist Mixer Jaëxx is a self-taught musician who produces trip-hop / downtempo as well as drum ‘n’ bass. His tracks are smooth yet busy, with acid jazz and deep house undertones. He creates his detailed, sample-heavy tracks with virtual hardware, excluding two MIDI controllers. He releases all of his music online, refusing to sign with a label in order to have complete creative control over his work. His debut album, MIDI Controlled Addiction, was released in August of 2014.”

Artist biography by Paul Simpson

I was born in 1981 on Anna Maria Island, Florida and currently reside in Bradenton, Florida. The name Jaëxx (/‘jāks/) is pronounced like the word “Jakes”.

I handle all aspects of song creation. I write the songs, play the instruments and master the audio. I paint the album art, shoot the photos and design the web pages found here. I also program music equipment and interfaces, free of charge, that’s used by musicians and producers around the world.

Sound-sized Treats album artwork

Music producers around the world running the MJ Enhanced Universal Control mixer interface

Rebirth of Radiance music video

I offer every album as MP3 downloads 100% free. My music is also available on nearly every streaming services, including:

The cultural aspects of producing music is important to me. So I write articles regarding my views and process of producing music. As an advocate for creating original music, I’m against sampling from other people’s songs (unfortunately common these days) and choose to create entirely in Reason Studios. I choose this process as it’s challenging but liberating. These are the latest articles I’ve written.

My goal is to hopefully add a few minutes to the soundtrack of your day or night. By sharing the heart and soul I put into creating my music, I hope it’ll encourage you to look for more unique music or even inspire you to create something artistic yourself.

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Recording artist & producer.