Sound-sized Treats

Sound-sized Treats

Sound-sized Treats is a chill-hop album featuring smokey, hand-crafted rhythms, hazy Rhodes piano licks and vintage synthesizer melodies. A soulful male and female duet is featured in “Life Lockdown”. Antique vocal snippets spanning from the 1960’s can be heard in “Golden Throat Sound”. And the sounds of coffee beans and English muffins are morphed into musical delights in “Window Fog”.

1. Window Fog

Window Fog is a song that I’m really proud of. It’s got this character that I’ve wanted to do for exactly this kind of album. The song has four pianos. The main melody (“Rhode1”) is a Rhodes piano with a really nice tremor effect that Continue reading →

2. Distant Haze

Distant Haze is the song that sparked the idea of doing Sound-sized Treats. I had just gotten my Behringer X-Touch mixer with motorized, moving faders. I decided for Distant Haze I would use the mixer as an instrument. After creating Continue reading →

3. Studio Baby

Studio Baby was the second-to-last song to be created for Sound-sized Treats. My first child was just born a week after I started creating this song. I would keep the violin instrument active in the studio hardware and, when it was time to feed my son a bottle, I would play some Continue reading →

4. Golden Throat Sound

Golden Throat Sound is such a special song. It just has this vibe to it I’ve never heard before. I ended up naming the song “Golden Throat Sound” after the RCA Victor. They were self-marketed as having a “golden throat”. Thus, it was common to say Continue reading →

5. Lonesome Lanes

When creating Lonesome Lanes, I started by creating a song surrounding the idea of walking late at night. The feeling of empty, lonely streets. Sprinklers performing their thankless job of spraying lawns in an arching motion, only to rapidly return direction and Continue reading →

6. Life Lockdown

The story behind Life Lockdown is pretty interesting. Life Lockdown started its life as a “Super Edition” for the song Department of Corrections. When I was considering ideas for doing a remix for Department of Corrections, I floated the idea of doing vocals to Continue reading →

7. AirPod Condensation

AirPod Condensation was the last song in development for Sound-sized Treats. The virtual music studio Reason had just released a new version (10) that included some new instruments. I set out to create a song trying to utilize a lot of these new Continue reading →

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