MIDI Controlled Addiction

MIDI Controlled Addiction

MIDI Controlled Addiction is my debut album featuring acid jazz, drum and bass, trip-hop and deephouse grooves. This is a collection of songs that I had been working on for a number of years. Even though many of these songs were created years ago, I chose to wait until I felt the time was right to share my music publicly. MIDI Controlled Addiction is the starting point of this process.

1. Nice and Soft and Smooth

Nice and Soft and Smooth was a lot of fun to create. It got its start from the flute melody. The flute melody originally started as the synth. I wanted to come up with a compliment to the synth and thought a flute would be Continue reading →

2. Iron Butterfly

This was a unique song to create. I remember this baby got its start by doing practice in the studio on my keyboard. I wanted to test some beautiful-sounding piano techniques. I wanted to focus on trying to come up with sounds in Continue reading →

3. 5 AM Awake

Inspiration happens in weird ways. Late at night, messing with my virtual drum machine, Redrum, I was feeling cooped up. So at 2 AM, I headed down to my local Steak ’n’ Shake. I walked in with my electronics backpack strung over my shoulder and the waitress asked “Booth or a table?” I motioned towards my Continue reading →

4. Pathway to Sarasota

I decided to give Pathway to Sarasota its name and its idea based on a certain pathway I’d used to drive from Bradenton, Florida to Sarasota, Florida. It ain’t long, about a 20-30 minute journey. When I was going to be driving during sunset or anytime at night to Sarasota, I chose to drive this Continue reading →

5. Rebirth of Radiance

I started with the idea of a 20-something beautiful black chick from the 60’s or 70’s. Long flowing dress, carefree, spiritual. Counterculture but conservative at the same time. I then imagined a 20-something chick like Continue reading →

6. Been So Lonely

Been So Lonely is actually my very first song. It’s been around for a long time. Since the song was created so long ago, I ended up creating an unreleased remix of the song called the Dreamstate Mix. The Dreamstate Mix actually by in the Continue reading →

7. Department of Corrections

I wanted to create Department of Corrections to sorta’… uplift people if that makes any sense. I wanted to create a song that if you happened to be listening to a playlist while driving and you were kinda’ in a bad mood… traffic, heat, bumpy road, whatever and Department of Corrections came on, your Continue reading →

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