Reason: Custom PusheR Remote Maps

[Updated 04/29/2019] I created some custom virtual rack device remote map code for RetouchControl’s PusheR and PusheR2 software, which allows the Ableton Push (versions 1 and 2) to be used as a universal controller in Reason.

In order to control a virtual device in Reason (i.e. Synchronous) with PusheR and the Ableton Push universal USB hardware controller, the remote map of PusheR needs to have code written for that virtual device.

There’s some devices RetouchControl didn’t include remote maps for (originally or still currently). I ended up creating some myself (i.e. Hydronexious) or I fixed / improved existing devices (i.e Thor). This page exists for those who want improvements and tweaks using their Push hardware with Reason.

The RetouchControl team likely can’t change a rack device’s code for layout improvements once it’s released because people may not appreciate a device’s layout changing after they’ve gotten used to it. 

How to locate the PusheR remote maps


Navigate to the location of Reason’s configuration folder C:\ProgramData\Propellerhead Software\Remote\Maps\PusheR\. The files will be hidden so here’s how to unhide them.

macOS Catalina and newer and / or Reason 11 or newer

Navigate to the location of Reason’s program at “Macintosh HD\Applications”. Right click on your Reason program (i.e. “Reason Suite 11”) and select “Show Package Contents”. Then navigate to “\Contents\Resources\Remote\DefaultMaps\PusheR\”.

macOS High Sierra and older and / or Reason 10 and older

Navigate to the “Macintosh HD\Library\Application Support\Propellerhead Software\Remote\Maps\PusheR\” folder..

How to install

Make a backup of the file “PushDevices.remotemap”.

Open the file “PushDevices.remotemap” in a text editing program, such as Notepad or TextWrangler.

Next, search the code to see if the device you’re interested in already exists in the code (using the “Find” feature of the text app is useful).

Download the zip file for the device you’re interested in below. Open the text file, select and copy all the text.

If the device does exist, select the device’s code and paste the new code to replace it.

If the device doesn’t exist, it’s easiest to just paste the code at the end.

How to update PusheR

In order to update PusheR while keeping the changes made here, follow the normal PusheR update instructions and then come back to this page and repeat the process.



(Edit: 04/29/2018) Currently included in official PusheR update, no need to download.

I removed the LCD info so that it doesn’t display bank information, only the device name. I also removed the preset control as I feel, although this control is necessary for MIDI controllers with only one knob or button, it’s not intended to be used when both the “Categ” and “Sound” controls are used (such as with the PusheR).



(Edit: 04/29/2018) Currently included in official PusheR update, no need to download.

I created this code. The Hydronexious is a massive virtual device and big devices can be very hard to organize, but I think I found the best optimizations for it. I broke everything into 9 banks that should make it so you know exactly where to find everything: “Main”, “AHD”, “Reverb”, “Delay”, “XFiltr”, “YFiltr”, “Env/FX”, “Tuning” and “AmpLFO” (the 9th bank is accessible on the second “bank page” by selecting the arrow keys).

Some of the latest changes I did was made it so the 9th knob controls the master volume (and removed master volume as an option from the “Main” bank). Also renamed the device so instead of displaying “Hydronexi” it reads “Hydronexs”.



(Edit: 04/29/2018) Currently included in official PusheR update, no need to download.

Some things in the delay, reverb and wet / dry knobs weren’t working (3 of the 6 functions of the reverb bank weren’t working) before. The master level knob is now fixed and mapped to the 9th rotary too.

I also optimized the delay bank, swapped bank positions for panning and roll.



(Edit: 04/29/2018) Currently included in official PusheR update, no need to download.

I changed the layout of the banks to make the performance (“Preform”) the first bank instead of the 19th bank. Small change, but it makes a huge impact.

Anything else?

If you notice any other issues or bugs with any devices in the “PushDevices.remotemap” file, let me know in the comments or if you got modified code you wanna’ share, hit me up via email. I’d also like to see pictures of people’s desk or studio setups using the Push, so send them my way.

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