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How Fans Discover New Artists Should Disappoint You

The way music promotion articles would lead you to believe, “music lovers” are just itching to hear new music! But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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You’re Promoting Music To People At The Worst Times

Where are new artists typically? They’re on SoundCloud, they’re on Twitter, they’re on Facebook. These are all great platforms. But the problem is that you’re in front of people when they’re not trying to find new music.

Take Twitter. Even if a new person somehow ends up finding a tweet you posted about your music by accident, they’re at work or at home about to overcook dinner. Even if they see your link, click it and listen to your music, they’re probably gonna’ be like “That’s cool… but I really should get back to Twitter to see what Martha Stewart ate for lunch.” and forget all about you. The “conversion rate” (converting people who see or hear your music into someone who adds or follows your music) is so comically low for this very reason. You’re basically interrupting them. They’re not looking for new music on Twitter.

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